Professional Back Translation Services for Healthcare

Translation.Health provides professional back translation services in Spanish, Chinese, French, German and 100 other languages for pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical device, biotechnology, and CRO organizations with quality and speed.
Back translations are frequently used in multilingual clinical research projects and multi-national clinical trials to ensure translated materials closely match the source content in terms of linguistic, cultural accuracy and technical precision. Professional back translation services are required for a range of medical document localization needs such as clinical outcome assessments—patient reported outcomes clinician reported outcomes, observer reported outcomes, performance outcomes, as well as clinical studies and regulatory submissions. Translations.Health has the linguistic experience, professional processes, and cutting-edge language technologies to deliver top notch back translation services that you can trust.

Full-Service Back Translation

In life sciences localization, full-service back translation means that the language agency does the entire document translation workflow end-to-end. For clinical trial translation or linguist validation, it typically includes two forward translations by two independent linguists, reconciliation (review, compare and edit) of the forward translations by a third translator. Next, one or two back translator(s) translate the synthesized document back to the source language. Translation.Health supports comprehensive back translation services in all European, Asian, and Latin American languages. We help life sciences companies comply with regulatory requirements by producing multilingual clinical content with quality and speed.

Back Translation Only Service

In addition to providing full-service back translation, Translations.Health has experience in delivering back translation only services for hospitals, CRO organizations, pharmaceutical sponsors, or medical device companies. In this case, clients send us pre-translated documents by other translation vendors to translate back into the source language. We have a large team of medical translators and multilingual subject matter experts with their native tongues in all major source languages most commonly used in clinical trials and COA (clinical outcome assessment) documents, including English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, and more. Better yet, Translations.Health manages the entire back translation workflow online so you can monitor and track all language localization activities any time.
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