Medical Terminology Management

The life sciences industry as a whole uses hundreds and thousands of highly specialized and technical terms and expressions to accurately describe a wide variety of medical concepts, solutions, and products, such as diseases, diagnoses, treatments, and medicines. Sometime it’s even difficult for educated medical professions to stay abreast of the precise meanings and their usage in healthcare communication unless systematic terminology management processes are employed.
When it comes to medical translations, terminology management plays an even more important role because mistranslations of these medical terms can lead to incorrect diagnosis and treatment, causing major impact on patient safety or even life and death. Medical terminology management is the systematic process to collect, define, translate, review, approve, and apply technical terms in healthcare communications across all languages.

The Role of Terminology Management in Medical Translation

Multilingual terminology management is a critical component of professional medical and healthcare translation services. Studies find over 80% of language translation quality issues are terminology related, i.e. the inaccurate or inconsistent translations of medical terms in different target languages for product package inserts, technical manuals (IFU), user interfaces for on-device software, patient information documents, as well as regulatory submissions. Incorrect terminology translations can end up with costly translation rework or even product recalls, causing delays to time-to-market and lost revenue. While the basic goal of terminology management is to ensure that approved or official translations are consistently used across documents and content types no matter which linguist translates the materials, the process of getting there can be more easily said than done.
Translations.Health not only provides our clients with professional medical terminology management services, we’ve also developed the industry’s leading solution for our clients to manage the collaborative, multilingual termbase development lifecycle end-to-end. Our cloud terminology management system supports all of the following requirements:



allow all stakeholders such as localization managers, linguists, reviewers, product managers, and marketing managers to seamlessly collaborate in a wiki-based terminology platform.



support all ISO compliant terminology attributes such as definition, part of speech, usage example, reference, images, as well as synonyms, antonyms, and custom defined term attributes.



manage user roles such as terminologists, translators, and reviewers, as well as revision tracking and history report.
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