Professional Medical Interpretation Services

The healthcare industry uses medical interpreting for a variety of patient care services and solutions at hospitals, physical offices, medical clinics, and nursing homes to ensure accurate multilingual heath communications. U.S. laws and regulations require language interpretation services be provided to multilingual patients (such as immigrants and international Medicare & Medicaid recipients) so they understand treatment options to ensure informed consent as well as HIPAA compliance. Translations.Health provides a range of medical interpretation services by certified health care interpreters in Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Arabic, and French Creole, as well as many other languages. Our on-demand medical interpreting solutions are delivered over-the-phone (OTP), via videos, on-site and in-person.

Remote medical interpretation services are increasingly the method of choice by healthcare organizations as a result of social distancing mandated by the global coronavirus pandemic. Translations.Health offers a full suite of remote, virtual medical interpreting options so our clients can obtain professional multilingual support 24/7 over the phone or via video calls. Clients simply sign up to create an account with our subscription based healthcare interpreting services and specify the target languages they need support with. Our project team will assign a dedicated team of professional medical interpreters in the specified languages to the account called “myInterpreter” to provide on-demand interpretation. Next, the client will receive a phone number so they can distribute among their organization’s medical staff members requiring medical interpreting from time to time. When the staff members dial the number, they will hear a prompt, instructing them to press 1 for Spanish, 2 for Chinese and so on. Our system will automatically keeps track of the call duration for billing/invoicing purposes. Clients can also use their online dashboard to review language interpretation project reports at any time. In addition to over-the-phone interpretation, Translatins.Health also provide video-based medical interpretation services using video call such as Zoom, WebEx, or our mobile app.

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Over-The-Phone (OTP) Medical Interpretation

OTP interpretation is one of the oldest forms of medical interpreting service widely used in the U.S. healthcare industry. Compared to in-person interpretation, over-the-phone services are much easier to arrange without having to schedule the service days in advance. OTP interpretation is also much more cost-effective and can be configured as an on-demand solution. Translations.Health uses a subscription based model to provide over-the-phone medical interpretation to our healthcare clients. Our intelligent VOIP routing solutions automatically connect our healthcare clients directly with Translations.Health’s pre-approved medical interpreters assigned to their account in real time. Depending on the customer’s volume requirements, we can assign a dedicated phone number to be used by their organization only to request medical interpretation in a variety of languages most efficiently and on-demand.

Video Remote Interpretation Services

With the rapid growth of video calls using Zoom, WebEx, and Gotomeeting, more and more medical interpreting services are conducted via videos. Compared to OTP interpretation, video-based interpretation provides similar benefits as in-person medical interpretation by allowing the interpreter to see the interpreting subjects or environment for the most effective and accurate language translation work. Video interpretation eliminates the needs for the medical interpreter to travel to the service location which can deliver substantial time and cost savings. With the recent social distancing practices, video based medical interpretation services are rapidly gaining popularity. Translations.Health provides expert video remote interpretation services via Zoom WebEx and other 3rd party video platform. We’ve also developed our own video based interpretation mobile app.

On-Site and In-Person Medical Interpretation

Although OTP and video based medical interpretation solutions are rapidly growing, there are still situations where in-person interpreting services are the most desired language communication format, such as in remote places where internet signals are either unavailable or inconsistent, as well as in patient care situations where video and over-the-phone interpretation is inconvenient. Translations.Health has a large team of professional medical interpreters who have registered their location based information with our intelligent interpretation management system so we can always identify the most qualified medical interpreters located closest to the service location for the most efficient on-site healthcare interpreting services.
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