Website Translation for the Healthcare Industry

Life sciences companies and healthcare organizations now rely on the Internet more than ever to deliver a range of medical solutions and patient care services. The rapid growth of digital health, telemedicine, and remote diagnostics, further accelerated by social distancing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, requires health websites to support a variety of different languages in order to meet multilingual patient care needs. Translations.Health helps pharmaceutical companies, CRO organization, medical device firms, as well as hospitals and clinical facilities localize healthcare websites with quality and speed. Our proxy technologies provide best-in-class website translation solutions that simplify the process, accelerate time to market, and deliver the best localization ROI.

Proxy Localization for Healthcare Websites

Tranlations.Health’s professional healthcare website translation solutions use modern proxy technologies to streamline the entire website translation process. Unlike traditional website localization involving tedious, manual content export for the language agency for translate and then import the results back to create multilingual websites, we have streamlined and automated the entire workflow for unrivaled efficiency and speed. Our proxy solutions use a process similar to Google (and other search engines) for crawling and indexing website content. Next, we translate these content with our professional medical translators using our state of the art translation management system on the cloud. Finally, our technology automatically creates the localized website to mirror the source language site’s content and layout.
One of the best features of Translations.Health’s proxy website translation solution is that our system is able to continuously monitor the source language website for any content updates and then translate the new content on-demand so the localized websites always stay up to date, in a seamless, hassle-free process. The following is a diagram of our proxy website translation workflow:






Global Content Distribution Network

Translations.Health’s website translation solutions include hosting the translated websites using one of the best content distribution networks (CDN) in the world. Nobody likes a slow website and health care customers are no exception. Our website hosting solutions are powered by dozens of data centers around the world to deliver superfast website performance to international visitors in all major countries.
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