Professional Healthcare Translation Services

Translations.Health provides professional and HIPAA compliant healthcare translation services to hospitals, nursing facilities, and health insurance companies that deliver the best multilingual health communications. We support both medical document translation and interpretation in over 100 languages.

Accurate Healthcare Translations You Can Trust

Translations.Health is a leader in professional healthcare translation services that help our clients overcome linguistic throughout the multilingual health care communication lifecycle. We employ a large team of certified medical translators and interpreters in a variety of languages to provide our healthcare clients with reliable and accurate, on-demand language translation and localization services for a variety of contents such as informed consent forms, patient information leaflets (PILs), or medical procedure training manuals into Spanish, French, and other languages. We have developed mature processes for document translation including healthcare terminology management, translation memory, and linguistic validation in order to deliver the best linguistic accuracy and consistency across projects and languages. Translations.Health has greatly simplified healthcare translation services by moving the entire document translation process online for both efficient and high quality translation execution.

Telehealth Translation Services

Powered by the latest telecommunications advancement and remote diagnostic and monitoring technologies, healthcare services increasingly take place virtually. The recent social distancing measures as a result of the coronavirus pandemic only serves to accelerate the adoption of telehealth practices around the world. Translations.Health offers a suite of health care translation and interpretation solutions to meet our clients’ multilingual telehealth needs. We localize both software and hardware products as well as elearning and training materials, e-health documents in Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic. We also provide on-demand, over-the-phone, or Zoom video interpreting so doctors and medical practitioners can confidently communicate with international patients remotely in any language.

Healthcare Insurance Translations

Translation.Health provides expert healthcare translation services for health insurance products and services in Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Haitian Creole and many other languages. We translate insurance policies and financial documents for Managed Healthcare companies as well as Federal programs like Medicare and Medicaid. Translation.Health has developed a large termbase for health insurance related terms and acronyms in a variety of languages, allowing our professional healthcare translators to consistently deliver the most accurate translation results. Our online translation manage system supports real-time translation memory for improved linguistic consistency, fast turnaround, and reduced localization cost.

Pharmacy Translation Services

Are you running a retail pharmacy or drug store and need to accurately translate prescription drug information and customer support documents in Chinese, Russian, Vietnamese, or other languages? Then look no further than Translations.Health. We have the linguistic experts and modern language technologies to deliver top notch multilingual content with quality and speed. Our healthcare translation services for pharmacies include both document translation and over the phone or in-person interpretation. Our professional medical translators are certified at translating medical content for the highest quality pharmacy multilingual results. Simply drag and drop your pharmacy documents to our online portal to receive a translation quote in seconds.

Digital Health Translation

The digital transformation has fundamentally changed many industries and healthcare is no exception. The convergence of healthcare and digital technology has redefined diagnosis, treatment, and management of diseases centered around patient centricity. While artificial intelligence, big data, mobile technology, wearable devices, and the latest 5G network are joining forces to deliver next-gen digital healthcare services and solutions that promise better performance than ever, language communication remains a sticking point when it comes to working with multilingual patients. This is why you need Translations.Health. We help our clients translate a variety of digital innovations from software applications to smart health appliances to capture a piece of the international healthcare market.
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