Professional Medical Translation Services

We provide accurate and certified medical translation services for informed consent forms, patient information leaflets, medical device manuals, drug inserts, or clinical documents in over 100 languages. Translation.Health employs the best professional medical translators, interpreters, and powered language technologies to deliver the most efficient and accurate medical translations you can trust.

Medical Translation for Healthcare Organizations

Professional medical translation services are critical components of effective communication between doctors, nurses, clinicians and multilingual patients to ensure informed consent while improving international patient experience. The increasingly diverse patient population has elevated language translation to a higher level of heath care priority. Translation.Health provides expert medical translation services for hospitals, nursing homes, and physician clinics so healthcare organizations can easily obtain quality multilingual communication support when and where they need it. To learn more about our healthcare translation solutions, please click here.

Medical Translations for Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical and biopharma companies need professional medical translation services for a range of technical content, such as clinical research reports, drug manufacturing documents, clinical trial outcome assessments, medication package inserts, and regulatory submissions, in order to support international business operations across different language-speaking markets. Translations.Health has developed a full set of medical translation best practices such as medical terminology management, linguistic validation, back translation, and translation memory on the cloud to consistently deliver the highest level of localization quality and efficiency. We enable pharmaceutical companies to accelerate global expansion in all languages through expert translation and multilingual communication.

Medical Device Translation Services

Are you a medical device company doing business around the world and looking for fast, professional translation services to help deliver multilingual technical documentation or on-device software applications in a variety of languages? Then you’ve found the perfect language service partner. Translations.Health has dedicated translation and localization solutions for the medical device industry for the best ROI. We have the professional translators, localization best practices, and language technologies to help the world’s leading medical device companies localize their products into all European and Asian languages with quality and speed. We have experience localizing diagnostic devices, medical imaging systems, and surgical instruments for regulatory compliance, multilingual product training, and customer branding in international markets.

CRO Translation Services

Professional medical translation services play a major role in the business success of global contract research organizations. Many of today’s clinical trials are conducted internationally and clinical outcome assessments (COA), patient reported outcomes (PRO), and clinician reported outcomes (ClinRO) all need to be accurately translated between English and other languages with efficiency in order to meet FDA and international regulatory requirements for new drug approval in global markets. Translations.Health has in-depth experience translating preclinical research, biopharmaceutical development, commercialization, and multilingual clinical trials for CRO companies and their pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device sponsors.

On-Demand Medical Interpretation

Healthcare organizations such as hospitals, physician clinics, nursing centers, and other medical facilities regularly require medical interpretation services to consult, diagnose, treat, and care for patients whose native languages are other than English. We have one of the largest teams of professional, certified medical interpreters to deliver over-the-phone and onsite language interpretation services in Spanish, Hindi, Chinese, and many other languages. Depending on the customer’s needs, we can assemble a dedicated team of interpreters who are notified of upcoming interpreting appointments in a fully automated medical interpretation workflow. Our intelligent language interpretation management system automatically tracks appointments, time, and cost on the cloud for the most efficient medical interpreting operations.
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